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Welcome to Ethical Freddie's Wiki.

Although it's great to see you, it's also very sad that you need to be here. In an ideal world we would all respect and care for one another, no matter the colour of our skin or the number of our legs. Sadly that is a utopian world we will never achieve while we have the desire for power and averice ruling over us.

Our aim here at Ethical Freddie is to create a database containing an expanding list of firms and businesses that are in the food or animal rearing trade, and how they treat those animals, so that you, the consumer can make an educated decision on whether to buy their products or not.

I just want to make it clear from the outset that none of us here at Ethical Freddie are vegan, or even vegetarian, and we will probably never stop being meat-eaters, but this doesn't mean we do not care about the welfare of all animals, especially those slaughter animals in their final hours.

To compliment this wiki we also have a youtube channel where you can submit video clips that help back up what is being written in the wiki. Very soon we will be moving away from youtube as they are doing more and more to bury any factual videos and replace them with any that follow their own political agenda.

At the moment the site is a little bit clunky so please bear with us until we iron out any rough edges and expand our knowledge of the system. For now, thanks for contributing and helping to spread the truth.